Uber’s real business

Uber’s real business

Shortly after applying and for the month or two after, I worked out that Uber wasn’t really interested in ride-sharing. Sure, they might be a $US50 billion business out of that, but behind the scenes…
I uploaded all my usual details, name, email, phone, photo, date of birth and so on. Scans of my drivers licence and passport. Car registration and insurance documents.
I went to an information session, taking copies of all documents. They were photographed and they made me sign so the signature on my drivers licence could be verified. Next step of the process involved fresh uploads of my identity and car documents. And two days ago, I had to upload yet another copy of my car rego.
There were also specific forms I had to fill in and sign concerning criminal and driving record checks.
All this paperwork was to satisfy the ACT government that Uber was only allowing reliable, verified, safe drivers onto the system. It also counters the repeated line pushed by the taxi industry that taxidrivers are safe, but you don’t know who you’re getting with a ride-sharing app.
Apart from the fact that existing taxi drivers and Uber drivers are pretty much exactly the same people, Uber has gone to a lot of effort and expense to ensure its drivers are identified and checked every step of the way. When I went through the certification process for my taxidriver licence, I had to pay my own police checks. Uber has picked up the tab for that, and with a reported three thousand applicants, that cannot have been cheap!
And, final step is the clincher. So that I could be paid, I had to give them my bank details today.
So, I’m pretty sure I know what racket Uber is really up to.
Identity theft. That has to be the game.

Take my ID!
Take my ID!

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